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the obama-biden team. most believe that the romney candidacy surged after that last week's performance. that's a lot. vice president biden's job is to eat away at that bounce. but the expectations are so low for paul ryan. people aren't expecting a lot. bottom line, given their contrast in character and in values, the outcome very much in doubt. put it together, biden and ryan should put on quite a show. >> and that's a show we'll be carrying here for you and we'll have comments after. thank you very much, larry. >>> still to come at 6:00, sentencing day for jerry sandusky. ha he said in court today. >>> plus, losing our religion. interesting new research on faith in america. >>> the potential health benefits for a diet rich in tomatoes. >>> and a carcinogen has been seeping under the south bay for decades. the investigation is up next. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight. >>> well, there's no question about it. it's an eye opening discovery. it's nona rural for
? biden: well, gwen, two years ago barack obama warned about the subprime mortgage crisis. john mccain said shortly after that in december he was surprised there was a subprime mortgage problem. john mccain while barack obama was warning about whatly givingn interview to "the wall street journal" saying that i'm always for cutting regulations. we let wall street run wild. john mccain, and he's a good man, but john mccain thought that the answer is that tried and true republican response, deregulate, deregulate. so what you had is you had overwhelming, quote, deregulation. you had, actually, the belief that wall street could self-regulate itself. and and while barack obama was talking about reinstating those regulations, john on 20 different occasions in the previous year and a half called for more deregulation. matter of fact, john recently wrote an article in a major magazine saying that he wants to do for the health care industry, deregulate it and let the free market move like he did for the banking industry. so deregulation was the promise, and guess what? those people who woul
appreciate it. >>> up next on "kudlow," paul ryan gears up for another knockout punch to the obama/biden team. we're going to have our tax and tactics smackdown. art laffer and jared bernstein. >>> and later in the show, a story that makes my blood boil. one month since the september 11th ambassador attack that is killed our ambassador in benghazi, house republicans grilled the obama administration today. and you won't believe what really happened. a lot of news has broken. >>> and don't forget, worldwide, i'm talking worldwide but especially in the usa, free market capitalism, always the beth path to prosperity, may well be unleashed once again. and that is just totally bullish. i'm larry kudlow. we'll be right back. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
know, all week that i just basically expect biden to turn in the performance that obama did not turn in. >> sure. >> do not miss the openings that obama missed going after the missing details of romney's plans, the context he didn't want to talk about the plans and seen paul ryan think of the issue of how to pay for the tax cut plan. paul ryan's been asked the time a few times and interviews on fox and you would think of as friendly territory. he said i don't know. he said i don't have enough time to get in to the numbers on this. i totally expect biden to come after ryan on that aggressively. i think the thought is, though, republicans had a long time. the ryan campaign and romney campaign knows this is coming and looking at romney's performance, it was glib, superficially appealing. he was able to dance around not providing details so i don't know exactly how they do it. i just -- i have a kind of hunch that, you know, they'll find something that paul ryan can say that will, you know, that will get around the criticism that biden's going to come in with. >> on the lowering expectation
come in the lunch room with the clipboard and on the back of of the clipbd they had obama/biden stickers, looking for voters to get registered. >> now the response from the obama campaign. in a statement, an obama for america pox person saying, this incident represents a simple misunderstood understanding, representing a volunteer who is no longer with our organization. all of our volunteers go through a rigorous registration process. a month ago, immediately after the incident in question, the volunteer apologized to the school. as the pasco county superintendent has indicated in the press, the school has moved on from this, and so have we. next up, big bird and elmo taking the spotlight from the foreign policy in the campaign. and in 2 minutes, former governor, sarah palin taking on a new job. what is her next big project? and why would michelle obama approve? that's 2 minutes away. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bron
with the clipboard and on the back, they had obama/biden stickers on the clipboard, you know, looking for voters to get registered. >> greta: now the response from the obama campaign, in a statement, an obama for america spokesperson saying, this incident represents a simple misunderstanding regarding a volunteer who is no longer with our organization. all our volunteers go through a rigorous and extensive training process to insure they comply with all laws, when reamingsterring voters. a month ago, immediately after the incident in question, the volunteer apologized to the school. as the pasco county school has indicated, the school has moved on from this. and so have we. >> next up, sesame street, big bird special elmo taking the spotlight. so what has the campaign come to? our political panel answers that next. and former governor and v.p. candidate sarah palin taking on a new job. what is her next big project? and why would first lady michelle obama approve? >> greta: lots of comfort food and exercise. that's alaska governor sarah palin's secret to staying fit. she wants to share her fitnes
obama and joe biden, of course, can correct this. i think it's very correctable. >> it's all about motivation. you want to see your guy out there going after it, never backing down, always being on the forefront of the issues and never sidestepping. this was just such a missed opportunity. now the race is tight. many liberals think it shouldn't be right now, but it is. should the focus be on more than ohio? or is ohio the ball game right now? >> ohio is a big part of the ball game, but you look at today's polls, the focus has to be on more than ohio. there are other states where president obama was ahead where he's got to hold that lead now. and so he can't spend the whole time in ohio. but there are two issues, and you identified the other one. one is firing up the base. mitt romney fired up his base during the debate and president obama did not. the other issue is the waiverers who were still undecided or who are persuadable and romney did a better job persuading during the debate. i agree with joan. this is not the end of the world. this is not something that's uncorrectable. bu
. >> is that the strategy for vice president biden tomorrow and next week with president obama and governor romney? is that the strategy? you have steve agreeing essentially again with bill clinton and took the swipe at him prior to that. >> i think it's a maistake if i is the strategy. i thought president clinton's strong suit at the democratic national convention is defending the obama record, not so much going after mitt romney. the attack i heard of president clinton, frankly, was infective in primary season and i think it's ineffective now. it might be fact based but i don't think it's the most effective pitch. bill clinton talking about arithmetic and the mechanics of obama's watch, that's him bringing the a-game. >> do you agree, lois? you can look at facebook and twitter and take it to a point but the visceral reaction of voters of the debate and the next two with the president, seems, yes, they want facts and figures but a little of that bill clinton twang or smackdown to come along with it. >> well, they want him to defend himself. i mean, he went mute. but i do agree to a certain point
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, i don't tnk imenyg. abth bse rber, president obama had a disasterous performance last week. so now there is added pressure on joe biden to actually super perform to try to make up some ground, the ground that obama lost since last ek. >> bl:e cat psibl ye twinng . ego generational difference between ben who is 69 and the young paul ryan who is 42. the other thing is on the issue, you'llave a striking difference because biden is saddled with defdingn economic record that failed. he's going up again the onopudgu obslhesils say it's succeeding. this is what the debate is. here is why i don't think it matters and then you can reply. people don't vote for vice president. this is all about romy and obama. this is whatt is. biden is a known quantity. 's aeryotibma 'soio lk ts even though he once in a while he'll ad lib and get in trouble, here they're basically hitting him on the head right now. do not go off the talking points. do not say anything. >> i agree with you -- veveefe: rn also h to fu ho s isea of expertise, which is finance. but he can't really be provocative. i don't think t
with biden, he has to makeup for allhe lt ground obama lost and he has a ugad d h ep wdo t? >> governor romney had a good debate with 67 million people watching it. he did a very good job. i love baseball but i wou take the baseball analogy and say he got a couple of ru, in doubt. yookatelectp d arso men ckprenamd t tracking polls, it is hard to know how big the bump will be. there is a burn. no two ways aboutt. >>shepard: if you were going up against ryan, what uld you try gethim lkbo esnkiwo m out on his b.s. >>shepard: specifics? >>guest: he is hailed as a deficit hawk but his own budget doesn't balance until 2040. the olson tws wll b 5 b eme is balanced. >> if you taking youroney, who do you give it to? joe biden and president obama or ryan and ey? ep bon t opant specifics? >>guest: what they --. >>shepard: you are saying you ll not mess with the deficit but you are not adding more tax money. if you don't add more money, how does it wor tabo.eaire >> stimulating the economy, the president has not laid out his plan and they are saying, why doesn't governor romney lay out hisplan.
was rocco biden in 10 obama 's i hope that they will bring it up, exactly why barack obama was not able to do a deal with republicans. gerri: at it's a big question. jonathan, let's just jump to thursday's debate between the vice presidential candidates joe biden and paul ryan. what should we be expecting and what should we be watching for? >> the obama people want to lower the expectations and vice versa on the other side. he will say ridiculous things. but it is usually when he gets on the stump committee starts rambling from he starts asking rhetorical questions. but one has two minutes to give his answer, he actually is very good. he connects with people. >> i think that is exactly what is going on here. getting the one other thing that i want both of you to respond to, and that is jack welch. defending his comments when he questioned the veracity of the jobs numbers. lots of questions about their particular last friday. here is what jack welch said. the data collection system is biased and overstated. i'm not sorry for the heated debates that pursuit. i am not the first to question
biden may not like that, but he has proposed nothing. obama has proposed nothing. caller: mr. donatelli i heard you say president obama is doing class warfare. that is totally untrue you, republicans have done it because you have never looked for the middle class or the poor. that's one point. the second point where you said no one voted on the budget. it was 99-0. you know the reason why that was? because the republicans put gimmicks in here. if you're going to be honest, which your party has trouble doing, like mitt romney did last wednesday, told nothing but lies, let's be honest. the reason why there was a zero vote is because the republicans put gimmicks in there. we're not stupid as you think we are. guest: thank you for your question. the 99-0 vote was in the democratic controlled senate. all the democratic senators voted no. it's commentary how unserious this administration takes deficit reduction. as far as helping the poor concerned ma'am, if you've had 8% unemployment for four years, 47 million people on food stamps that's the worst thing you can do for the poor is to have
it is balanced. >> if you taking your money, who do you give it to? joe biden and president obama or ryan and romney? >>shepard: but don't you think people want specifics? >>guest: what they --. >>shepard: you are saying you will not mess with the deficit but you are not adding more tax money. if you don't add more money, how does it work? explain that. >>guest: those details are talked about. >> stimulating the economy, the president has not laid out his plan and they are saying, why doesn't governor romney lay out his plan. he has done it over and over and over again. >> he talked about cutting big bird. >> i would rather be on the side of momentum. >> if you are driving across the country and you say you will do it in 15 years can you not do that unless you speed. that is what mitt romney is saying. >>shepard: they both say they will fix this but neither has told us how. it stands to reason that the american people would go, you should tell us how but they are not going to. >>guest: i think we will hear it from the vice president. >> i would love to hear the details. >>shepard: all rig
obama had a disasterous performance last week. so now there is added pressure on joe biden to actually super perform to try to make up some ground, the ground that obama lost since last week. >> bill: he can't possibly supper perform. >> you've got two things going on. it's east got a generational difference between biden who is 69 and the young paul ryan who is 42. the other thing is on the issue, you'll have a striking difference because biden is saddled with defending an economic record that failed. he's going up against the nation's top budget guy. >> bill: he's not going to say, obviously, the president will say it's succeeding. this is what the debate is. here is why i don't think it matters and then you can reply. people don't vote for vice president. this is all about romney and obama. this is what it is. biden is a known quantity. he's a very devoted liberal man. he's not going to go off the talking points. even though he once in a while he'll ad lib and get in trouble, here they're basically hitting him on the head right now. do not go off the talking points. do not say anyth
president biden as governor romney did over president obama? will he have that kind of strong knight, do you expect? >> i'm giving you a chance to manage the expectations. joe biden has been a long time around. he is quite the talker. it is going to be impossible for vice president biden to defend a record of failure. median household income has declined by $4500 during this administration, and here is the real kicker, that has occurred during the obama recovery. the one thing people don't realize is the recession had bottomed out by the time the president obama really started serving. just a couple of months into this term, we only lost 12% of the gdp. >> we have 20 million americans out of work. >> that is the most telling metric at all points. >> that is a huge metric at all points. lou: senator, we wish you a lot of luck and we will enjoy kentucky as always. >> i will, good night. lou: up next, troops gathering along the border with syria and jordan. washington has been insisting that we are not going to directly intervene. dinesh d'souza is here to tell us what is going on in obama's am
also brought the foreign policy national security credentials to the obama white house. biden having served on the committee for years and years and years. so for those reasons i think the vice presidential debate matters, plus this year, finally i would say this year is so tight, this race could come down to as we all know a handful are one or two swing states impressed even a few counties in the swing states. every vote matters. after obama's rather poor performance and romney's strong performance in the first debate i think eyes will be tuned in on his vice presidential debate, and what biden, what paul ryan said probably matters. >> let me pick up on the point about these debates and the reference to walter mondale because the vice presidential debates are relatively new phenomenon. they begin televised debates in 1976 with the vice president. but do they move the needle? do they influence ultimately how voters cast about? >> we don't have any empirical evidence for pulling david to show they made any difference. in an election or even moving the polls temporarily. even when ther
, paul ryan and vice president joe biden will square off for the one and only vice presidential debate. at center college in danville, kentucky. democrats are hoping and praying that joe biden will help turn things around for the obama campaign. but can they count on joe's track record? >> stand up, chuck. let them see you. god love you. what am i talking about? i tell you what, you make everybody else stand up, pal. >> thank you direct examination pepper and thank you chancellor. dr. paper. >> unchain wall street. they are going to put you back in chains. >> how they justify the middle class that has been buried for the past four years. how in the lord's name can they justify? >> andrea: whose campaign is he working for there? if i had a keg party, eric, joe biden is the one person i'd look to, to help me save it if it was going down and no one would attend. i don't know about rescuing the democratic party with a debate. >> eric: i don't know if it will change things a lot. give biden credit. he has been studying. he's been holed up in undisclosed bunker. he will be prepared. he will
thing? can president obama do his thing? go for what you're good at. >> joe biden is probably the most experienced and seasoned debate are in the democratic party right now and he's very, very good on his feet. people don't remember this, but after george bush had a bad debate after john kerry, dick cheney came in and changed the trajectory of the race again. >> he dismembered john edwards. he killed him. >> he did. i think that joe biden can get the joe mentum, if you will, for the obama campaign by going in there and reminding people what mitt romney and paul ryan would do if mitt romney is elected president. mitt romney has placed his arms around it and embraced the paul ryan budget plan and there are a lot of things the president didn't mention joe biden will focus on, starting with medicare. and then the 47% remark. i think you'll hear more about that tomorrow night and in the next debate. the president showed up last week for a news conference asking the questions but he was being presidential and didn't engad his opponent. mitt romney showed up for a debate. i think the next tim
. but on domestic issues, that will be a strong match. >> so wolf, is the obama camp looking to joe biden at this point to try to pick up some of this lost ground at least in the polls anyway? and if so, are they using the expectations game the same way that we saw mitt romney using the expectations game? are they trying to suggest that joe biden might not do that well? >> no, they're pretty confident in joe biden. they think he'll do well. i don't think they believe, and it's probably unrealistic to think that the biden/ryan debate will turn things around all that dramatically unless one of these guys makes a major, major flub, it probably won't. what could turn things around, once again, just as the first debateurned things in romney's favor, what could turn things around is the second presidential debate which is going to be taking place next week. that town hall format. candy crowley of cnn being the moderator for that debate, that could turn things around if the president comes out and does a really great job and romney has an off day, let's say. but, you know, let's get through this
times in camp obama as the v.p. has been sequestered away. six consecutive days he's not on the campaign trail and biden and his top advisers are preparing an all-out assault on congressman paul ryan. left-wing media is which i remembering in and doing its best to distort the agenda of the romney/ryan ticket. take a look at what happened when a reporter attempted to do that with paul ryan. >> the best thing to help prevent violent crime in the inner cities is to bring opportunity and get people out of poverty in the inner cities and teach good discipline, good character. that is a civil society. that's what charities and civic groups and churches do to help make sure they realize the value in one another. >> you do that by cutting taxes? >> those are your wards, not mine. >> thank you very much, sir. >> that was strange. >> sean: that is some of the distortion that ryan will face off with joe if the-in-his-mouth debate here on the fox newschannel. here with the reaction to the left spin, the co-host of "the five," dana perino and stuart varny, welcome both of you. >> thank you, sean. >>
with you. how do you see this playing out in ohio? >> you know, it depends on how joe biden and barack obama handle it in the coming debates, i think he, because as many stories as you want, until it's presented to people on their televisions and put right in their face, it's hard to grasp it unless it's in their neighborhood. bain capital owns a company closing at the end of this year and shipping all of the jobs, about 170 jobs over to china. the workers there have been pleading with romney to use his influence over the company to stop this. instead, he has given all kinds of answers. first he said he didn't know anything about it and then that it's a business decision he can't get involved in. he's made at least a million dollars that we know of. >> that's only one deal. but nia-malika, the "new york times" got its hands on a confidential prospectus for a bain funded romney invested in, it touts the fact that the manufacturing wages are 85% lower than american wages and it says china is a good investment because it will soon surpass the u.s. as the world's largest economy. this is t
assistance. >> goa joe biden's problem, in this debate is exactly the same problem as president obama's debate last week. that is, you don't want to look at the record. you must divert attention from that record -- and you don't have a plan for the future. america is in dire financial shape. what have we got? the president talking about big bird and calling his opponent a liar. so you trivialize and you divert attention, you turn thoroughly negative because at all costs, you must avoid mention of your record and you must not go anywhere near a plan for the future because you don't have one. >> sean: i think they are scared to death, not just the gaffes that i just mentioned, biden said they are going to raise taxes over a trillion, he said it proudly. biden said that the middle class has been buried over the obama policies. i assume big bird will be on the table. >> a great line for paul ryan might be -- because he will have to look differential to the senior statesman, but you saw the edge of paul ryan when he finishes the interview with the local reporter and he can give a pop in th
to his partner in this, president obama. here is the other thing, joe biden is a heck of a story teller. his gaffes come with a lot of affection, because they are usually in the telling of a really important human story. >> jennifer: i agree with you. but do you go along with the convention wisdom that this debate matters so much more in light of the president's less than stellar performance at last week's debate? >> no, i don't at all. any light that it shines on particular policy differences, because at the end of the day we know there's a real choice to be made between these two campaigns, one fighting to grow the middle class and one that wants to go back to the way it was before that kind of got us in this mess in theplace. this is not a make or break deal, but it is a very important conversation. and vice president biden has a really important role. and frankly i think mr. ryan is going to have a lot of explaining to do. >> jennifer: i think he is too. i, like so many other progressives want to see joe take the gloves off and not just stand by when a fa
romney. that's not as hard for biden they say since he's been part of the obama administration for four years. still, ryan himself reminded me that he does have experience debating. after all, he has been a member of the house of representatives for seven terms. wolf. >> dana, thanks very much. dana's full interview by the way tomorrow night. you can watch tomorrow night's vice presidential debate of course right here on cnn. our extensive live coverage starts 7:00 p.m. eastern. >>> and you're in "the situation room." happening now, president obama finally explains his poor showing in that first debate with mitt romney. was it just a question of manners? also, while polls show mitt romney turning things around, he still faces a big hurdle in a critical battleground state. why ohio's so-called walmart moms may not be sold on the republican nominee. and should race or ethnic background be considered when students apply to college? the u.s. supreme court weighs a new challenge to affirmative action. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer.
plouffe said one of the reasons president obama chose joe biden was because he won the debates in 2008, been vice president for a few years. as you know from public report, david axelrod has parachuted into the biden debate prep over the last few days. we know there's a lot of pressure on the vice president and he's very engaged and experienced. paul ryan i think will do just fine. he's up against you know, a real pro. on the foreign policy, i would say that congressman ryan not only in his role as budget committee chairman, he's worked on a lot of defense budgets, a lot of homeland security budget, those are not just numbers. those are big spending decisions. something he's thought about quite a bit. he hasn't been around as long as joe biden and hasn't been doing these national debates for as long as joe biden, but he's clearly engaged. >> we'll see how he does and if he does poorly, we'll blame you. >> have it no other way. >> from kentucky, getting ready for the big debate tomorrow night. by the way, at the top of the hour, erin burnett's talking about politics and foreign policy.
down. biden has taken the entire week off. this is a strategy clearly for the obama campaign. here is dana perino on "hannity"." >> they are taking this bee late a l -- debate a lot more seriously. i think it was smart to get him off the campaign trail. >> it was smart to get him off the campaign trail. >> a whole week? >> he would have done something that is a gaff and would have played all of the way going into the debate. no one will see him until thursday. that is a smart strategy. >> i think they are scared to death not just the gaff i mentioned but they are going to raise taxes over a trillion dollars. biden says the last four years the middle class has been buried under obama's policies. i assume big bird is on the table. >> a good word -- you sat tw th edge paul ryan had when he finishes the interview with the local reporter yesterday. he gave a little pop in the face. for the people on the right who are looking for a little red meat they will find somebody who is charming super smart and able to deliver a message. for biden to help resurrect pomomentum. >> be sure to tune
to people with news busters but everybody loves joe biden. >> cenk: how about obama. >> he's very wise. he has got this sort of probably across between obi wan and yoda. i so revere him. i'll go with obi wan. >> i respect him as well, so we decided he was luke skywalker. >> oh my gosh. >> cenk: the guy who was going to heal the planet. >> that's right. which is mocked by the right. what is so terrible. >> cenk: it would be great if we healed the planet. it would be terrific. mark hamill. thank you so much. we appreciate it. and the elbow of the day. oh, eliot spitzer. >> eliot: you almost forgot about it. cenk, i'm not going to let you forget that again. your you're going to be sitting next to me tomorrow night. you better be nice to me. we have governor granholm coming up about what it's like to prepare joe biden for debate. and then p.j. crowley one the great voices of the state department explaining what we now know, what we don't know and what we should know about what happened in bengahzi. >> cenk: and we'll host "the young turks" together on friday. >> eliot: i look forward to it. >>
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